Monday, December 15, 2008

Macaroni Souffle

ภาษาไทยคลิก ที่นี่ คะ
I just had Macaroni Souffle as dinner for my sister and me. This is defenitely not good for reducing weight..anyway I kept in my mind that there is always tomorrow for dieting..haha
This Macaroni Souffle is similar to Macaroni Cheese (he he, we just had macaroni cheese yesterday) but Souffle is lighter and fluffier. You have to serve this right after you take it out otherwise it will shrink.
Macaroni Souffle
(six souffle cups)
shortcut macaroni 75 g
sausage 75 g
melted butter for coating cups
dried bread crumb 25 g
butter 50 g
ground paprika 1 teaspoon
all purpose flour 40 g
milk 300 ML
grated Cheddar 40 g
grated Mozzarella 35 g
grated Parmesan 50 g
large egg 3 (separate yolks and whites)
Put macaroni in boiling water (put small amount of salt into water) until they are well cooked. Drain them and pour cold water to make them separate and drain them well again.
Preheat oven 150c. Lightly butter cups then coat with bread crumb. Take out excess of crumbs.
Put butter milk paprika flour in saucepan. Whisk till flour dissolved. Put on light heat. Whisk constantly until sauce become smooth and thick.
Take out from heat and put all three kinds of cheese into sauce. Whisk till cheese all combined and melt.
Fold in macaroni and sausages. Beat egg yolks in and mix well.
Beat egg whites with high speed till holding peak. Fold in batter. Divide to cups. Put in oven for 40 - 45 minutes. Souffle top will be golden colour, in the middle if you shake, it will slightly move and inside is creamy.
Have a good cooking day.